AINVSA not achieved Recogniton?

There are many speculations as of why AINVSA not Recognised..Hence read right side

You will find that AINVSA has struggled a lot for its existence. The story unfolds from the post card campaign done by Sh.T.Mani,.. to the Mass Admin transfers ,.... to the health deterioration...But the suffering still continues...

After reading this you ought to feel that AINVSA needs RECOGNITION

Friends, why did AINVSA fail to get recognition.Why the association though Registered in early Nineties,failed to get recognisation. All needs to think and contemplate over it.We may form two or three Associations, but are they going to be recognised? Instead lets get one by one Recognised...

ALL INDIA NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA STAFF ASSOCIATION (AINVSA) has a long saga.....the story continues...

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                                               Register No:492/94

All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff  Association (AINVSA) was formed on 10th July,1994 at the conference held at Cochin,
 Kerala. The Association is registered under the Society Registration Act with Register No.492/94.Ever since its inception 
AINVSA has been striving hard for the progress of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti and its staff without discrimination by putting
 forth creative suggestions and enlightening the employees on the need of synergizing their efforts enthusiasm and creativity
 and extending  helping hand to bringing the staff under the single fold so as  to develop an organizational citizenship among
 them. AINVSA has always been attempting to bring to the notice of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti and Ministers of HRD and Finance 
regarding the various welfare measures to be adopted to keep the morale of the employees at a very high level so as to enable
 them to make maximum contribution for the cause of education thus catalyzing national progress.

The second Annual conference of AINVSA was held at Kottayam in 1997.Sri.VBK Moorthy was elected President and Sri.Kantikar
as the Vice-President. Sri.Samuel,Sri K Suresh.Miss Prameeladevi and Mrs.Annakutty were elected as the joint secretaries. 
All other erstwhile office bearers were retained. AINVSA was able to form units in Kerala, Karnataka Andra Pradesh as well
 as in Pune and in the far-flung districts of Shillong region thanks to the perseverance and  spirit of  devotion displayed 
by our members. Hyderabad Regional Committee was formed under the leadership of Sri.C D Joy and Sri.Durga Prasad and the 
Kerala State Committee was  led by Sri.Praphakaran, Sri.Roy P John and Sri Vikraman Nair.The State committee for Karnataka
 was under the leadership of Sri. Chidananda,Sri.Kukkaanur and Sri.I V Prasada.

We had had 135 units spread all over India with a strength of 2300 active members. The 3rd National Convention of AINVSA was
  held at Mysore in1998.The immediate implementation of the 5th pay Commission Recommendations  by NVS was sought for by the
 Association. AINVSA served as an effective instrument for transmitting the apprehensions of the employees of the NVS given
 rise due to the delay in its implementation to the authorities in the higher-ups. Consequently this could find a positive 
note as the organization expedited the matter and brought relief to the employees. It is also a thing not to be neglected
 that the selfless efforts of the  core office bearers of the  Association had to face to rude shocks. All the office bearers
 were  transferred to the harshest and remotest corners of the country .Subsequently the  office bearers had an interaction 
with the Samiti authorities. The association leaders assured NVS their constructive cooperation  for the future functioning
 of the system. 

In 1999 the Association got affiliated to the Akil Bharatiys Rashtriya Sainik Mahasangh. This  enabled us in widening the
 horizons of our endeavours. The 4th National Conference was held at Matha Tourist home Ernakulam in 2001. The convention
 passed a resolution for getting Pension Scheme implemented even by moving the Court of Law in case it becomes unavoidable. 
The litigation was made in the CAT Ernakulam branch. Sri.KRB Kaimal Senior advocate of the high court of Kerala appeared
 for us. The CAT delivered a favourable direction in this regard. Nevertheless, unfortunately since the direction of the 
CAT was not implemented, contempt of court  petition was filed by us .The Govt. of India acted quickly forwarding an
 apology through the undersecretary to the court. The court was also pleased to remark that we were free to pursue our 
case further. Besides, the AINVSA has already given representation to the Ministry that it will be forced to take legal
 steps if our just demands are not met within a reasonable period of time..

Presently the association is keenly interested in pressuring the Government of India in implementing pension scheme
 for the employees of NVS. Though there are hordes of other demands, as the need of the hour is getting the pension
 scheme implemented on GOI pattern AINVSA considers  it as the most important issue at present. In the Meeting held 
at Ooty Lodge Kottayam on 10th April 2005.was presided by Sri. T.P.Mani Gen.Secretary AINVSA. pension scheme was the 
crux of the  matter. It was decided to chalk out a plan for meeting the M.Ps. of various constituencies to exert 
political pressure for implementation of pension scheme.  It was also decided to send a memorandum to the Honíble 
Finance Minister regarding pension scheme and other demands.  The memorandum was discussed in detail and was approved 
by the members. A delegation met the Commissioner NVS on his visit to Kerala at JNV Kottayam  on 27/04/2005. and 
submitted a memorandum. In the extensive discussions with him we could highlight the multitude of problems of the 
staff all over the country.  The copy of the letter given by AINVSA to the Hon. Finance Minister was handed over to
 the Commissioner. He had promised  that all schools would be provided with M.P.Hall and an additional amount Rs.50/-
 would be sanctioned for the mess expenditure of each student.  The latter was done immediately.

A delegation from Andhra Pradesh visited New Delhi in the month of August,2006  and met theCommissioner,NVS, Minster
 of HRD ,  leaders of the teacherís organizations Viz School Teachers Federation of India (STFI), AP United Teachers 
Federation (APUTF), Kerala State Teachers Association (KSTA), several MPs and Sri Sitaram Yechury,M P and Polit Bureau
 Member,CPM and  took our grievances to their kind attention. The deligation had also visited the JNVs adjoing Delhi. 
 Recently we have tried to rejuvenate the activities of the Association. In line with this members of AINVSA visited
 the JNVs of Andhra Pradesh ,Kerala and Karnataka and reconstituted  District Units everywhere. This effort soon 
spread to all other states including the North-East at an incredible pace..

The State Convention of Andhra Pradesh was held at the United Teachers Federation office of  Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad
 on 24.07.05 The Kerala State Convention was held on 28.08.05 , North East Regional committee was formed on 19.10.05 
and the Maharashtra Convention  was also held.   Karnataka Convention was held on 8.01.06. 
The national Convention held on 22 january,2005 was a resounding success.The presence of Sri. O N Singh,Hon'ble 
Commissioner of NVS indicated the favourable inclination of NVS towards staff welfare and recogition of a Service
 Assocaition as per CCS rules and admission of worth of democratic process of the great nation.
The Tri-Regional Convention held in New Delhi on 27th August,2006 was epoch making.The Hon'blr Minister of HRD 
graced the occasion and assured all help to the dedicated staff of NVS.The revitalization of the Association has now
 received unprecedented momentum. So much so units have been formed in most of the Vidyalayas in the country. Today
 the to pmost priority is given to recognition of AINVSA by NVS, inclusion of our representatives in the executive 
committee of NVS and bringing us under the GOI pension scheme.
We had submitted more than 7000 memberships along with all requisite documents on 23 August,2006 to NVS for 
granting recognition.,but in...THERE WAS NO DISPUTE till then...THEN WHY AINVSA did not get RECOGNITION from NVS

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