HARD COPY SUBMISSION METHOD 

         1. Download  the Membership Form and the Form of Authorisation , given
            below as New Link blinking, in pdf format. 

         2. Take a print out of both the Forms in triplicate. Duly fill in. 
            Paste the  photograph.

         3. Put your signature, and get it signed by the Unit Secretary /President, 
            as well.

         4. Tell the unit secretary to make a List of all staff who filled the form.

         5. Put two copies of a)Membership Form, b)Authorisation Form ,  and c) One 
            consolidated List.of all staff in a cover and send by Registered post to
            Sh.T.P.Mani, NationalPresident, AINVSA.

         6. Complete address already mentioned on the top of the Membership Form.

         7. No need to collect Rs 10/- per month x 12 mths= Rs 120/- annual 
            subscription now.

         8. The online bank details would be furnished later to all Vidyalaya Principals,
            if and when needed. DONT SEND ANY MONEY/SUBSCRIPTION NOW.Just submit the
            authorisation letter to the DDO, get it attested and retain one copy and 
            send two copies. 

         9. One copy to be retained of a) and b) at the Vidyalaya Unit level and
            remaining two copies to be sent by Reg Post.

         10. For a quick submission scan the filled above forms and sent it by email
            to the email id given in Membership Form.